Bula all!

We have had a great couple of months in Fiji developing our Batiki Island Coconut Oil, and have made some great progress!

We are very proud that each family was able to earn enough money to pay for their Children’s boarding fees for the next term, and that we now have set up a system that allows the villagers to get paid monthly (rather than every few months as was the case when the Island produced copra).

Due to the difficulty in affording education, Batiki has set up a Children’s Scholarship fund, which hopes to be able to send the top 3 children from each year to University, starting in 2020. Our aim is to donate into the Scholarship fund, so that in 5-7 years Batiki will be able to have sustainable funds where children will have access to higher education!

Now I am back in the UK to continue selling our coconut oil with Ellis, where we will continue to come up with exciting new ways to promote our coconut oil! We will also be starting work on our ‘Kickstart’ campaign that we hope to launch within a couple of months, so watch this space!

Vinaka vakalevu Batiki, as always it has been a pleasure to be with you!