Bula Fiji!

I am now back in Fiji and looking to start making batch 2 of our coconut oil!

However, after Cyclone Winston, a lot of coconut trees have been damaged that has hindered our production. Therefore we must continue to do the best that we can, as selling this coconut oil provides the villagers with a vital source of income to continue repairs on their homes.

Naigani village in particular was devastated by the cyclone, which in addition was also hit by a tidal wave, completely damaging every house in the village. Thanks to donations from the Fijian government, as well as other non-government organisations, families in Naigani are currently living in tents, whilst they begin the process of rebuilding the village.

Having spent 3 days in my village (Yavu, pictured), the effects of the cyclone are still present. Trees have fallen, kitchens and houses are still in need of repair, but the huge Fijian smiles are still bright throughout the village!

Now over the next month we shall continue to produce as much coconut oil as we can using coconuts that managed to survive throughout the cyclone, whilst we wait for the coconut trees to repair and regrow.

We will keep you all updated of our progress throughout the next few weeks, and post videos showing life on Batiki Island, as well as stories of the impact that Cyclone Winston has had upon the villagers lives.

Vinaka vakalevu (thank you very much)!