Bula everyone!

WE’VE REACHED OUR FUNDING GOAL (and managed to surpass our target), reaching £7,950 in total!

We would like to thank each and every one of you that pledged, shared and supported our Kickstarter campaign over the last 30 days, we are forever grateful for the kindness that you have shown towards the villagers of Batiki Island, Fiji.

We cannot wait to send out your Coconut Oil and T-shirts, we really hope that you enjoy them. For those that pledged to receive the photos and plaques, we are so excited to organise these during our return to Batiki in May!

Batiki is extremely proud of the outcome from our campaign, and we are so excited to further our work in the island this year. Thanks to all of your pledges, we are due to have 1000 litres leaving Fiji at the end of this month(!), which will be due to reach the UK at the start of June. This will be an incredible boost for the people in Batiki, and will really allow us to get underway with our long-term development aims.

We have some awesome new ideas and plans coming up, both in the UK and in Fiji (possibly Australia and New Zealand too), so stay tuned, we are hoping that this will be an incredibly exciting year!

Look forward to speaking to you all soon, and we would love to hear your feedback when you receive your Coconut Oil.

Vinaka vakalevu,

Batiki Island Community