I’m just going to put it right out there – I’m a coconut oil super fan!

But more specific than that – I’m a Bula Batiki Coconut Oil Super Duper fan and the reasons for that are numerous. Ever since I heard about Bula Batiki via their Kickstarter funding campaign I was immediately enamoured – in fact you could say that they had me at ‘Bula’ (pun intended!).

Not only do I love the fact that you get the all round amazing health and wellbeing benefits of coconut oil, you also purchase safe in the knowledge that all profits from every single jar are reinvested back into the communities that work hard to create the finished product. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Oh, and let’s not ignore how gosh darn pretty each jar / box looks – adding some serious style credentials to any kitchen surface / condiment cupboard / bathroom shelf.

As well as being a Bula Batiki super fan, I’m a mum, the main cook in my house, and a sucker for a good skincare regime – all things which have been elevated by my use of Bula Batiki – here are some of my top uses:

1. Coconut oil has a ton of varied uses in skincare / beauty. Whilst I haven’t been brave enough to try oil pulling (google it), I do use Bula Batiki on my hair and skin. It’s wonderful for adding moisture as a hair mask and also for taming flyaway tresses. At the end of a long day I’ll use it for removing my eye makeup, which also helps soothe my tired eyes. And it’s a go-to for me in terms of being a general skin moisturiser – easily absorbed and a scent luscious enough to transport me to faraway Fijian shores *sigh*.

2. I’m by no means a master chef but I do love to cook. I’ve found that replacing more common cooking oils like sunflower / olive with coconut oil can make a huge difference to the taste and texture of dishes. Coconut oil has a high smoke point, a longer shelf life, can increase energy expenditure, improve satiety and even help you lose weight. Winning!

3. I’m mum to a toddler and a newborn baby. My newborn daughter is only 5 weeks and already I’ve used Bula Batiki to moisturise dry patches on her skin, clean away stubborn nappy cream that settles into those cute sumo baby skin folds and send her into uber relaxation mode with a bit of trusty coconut oil during post bath baby massage time. My toddler loves a slick of Bula Batiki in his hair to make him look like the sharpest kiddo in nursery, and also loves it in one of his favourite super snacks – pancakes. The recipe is super quick and ridiculously easy; combine a glug of milk, 1 egg, 1 banana, a spoonful of oats, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Heat Bula Batiki coconut oil in a pan, ladle the mixture in and cook over a medium heat. Ta dah! Easy peasy, delicious pancakes – elevated by the delightful taste of Bula Batiki coconut oil!

– And finally, a jar (or three) of Bula Batiki is firmly on my Christmas list this year both for myself and for friends and family. It makes the perfect stocking filler gift, it comes in its own stylish gift-box-esque packaging and is a truly thoughtful, ethical, affordable and useful gift. With a brilliant back story tied to a beautiful island nation, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve done a good deed by buying it as well as bringing joy to your loved ones with such a unique gift. Now that’s what I call Christmas spirit!

So that’s me and my Bula Batiki – how about you? How do you use yours?