Coconut Oil in the South Pacific 🌴🇫🇯

We’ve been using it for centuries, and here is why you should too:


The world’s purest oil


Coconut Oil is one of the best tricks in the kitchen, as there is no other oil as versatile as this. For example, coconut oil can be added to curry, creating a lovely but subtle coconut flavour. The same jar can then be used as a substitute for buttering bread, and for cooking a mean fry up too (like in the photo below!).

Make your fry ups the best around!

2. HAIR CARE (and beards!):

If you want silky soft hair or an awesome beard, Coconut Oil is your secret ingredient! For best results, run Coconut Oil through your hair using a comb and leave overnight before washing out in the morning.


Coconut Oil on your skin can take you right back to the tropical islands that it originated. This natural oil is amazing for using as a general moisturiser, aftersun, lip balm and is also excellent for treating eczema.


Add Coconut Oil to your coffee and you’re on to a winner! Just pour your coffee into a blender, mix it up with a tablespoon of Coconut Oil and…. violaaaaa! Your morning has begun.


Coconut Oil can have amazing benefits for the immune system as it contains Lauric Acid, which fights against bacteria whilst improving the health of your gut and ultimately, you.


Oil pulling is an ancient tradition that can have great results – simply swill Coconut Oil around your mouth for 5-10 minutes on an empty stomach and have the toxins that are in your body removed. This technique is also believed to reduce that bacteria in the mouth as nothing can survive in oil.

We hope that you enjoy the many benefits of Coconut Oil – let us know how you get on! 😃🌴🇫🇯