When someone thinks about Fiji, they will probably imagine a never ending line of coconut trees along a white sandy beach.

But these coconuts don’t just look pretty, they also provide us with so many amazing things.

Coconut trees give us food, water, milk, housing materials, and also provide us with an incredible oil. In Fiji, we have used Virgin Coconut Oil for centuries and we absolutely love it.

Virgin Coconut Oil has become popular across the world for its use in cooking and baking, and this can have fantastic internal benefits for the body.

However, for us in Fiji, coconut oil can be used for so much more.

If anyone is injured during a rugby match, you are sure to see the Fijian ladies rush straight across with a bottle of virgin coconut oil and some banana tree leaves! Our coconut oil is also used for many home remedies in Fiji to heal ear ache, gastro and dermatitis. Coconut oil is also used to heal sunburn, and also to treat hives.

Before school and church, many Fijians use coconut oil on their skin and hair, giving them a lovely soft skin and a light and pleasant smell.

In Fiji, coconut oil has been used daily for generations and we truly believe that is the oil of life.

We hope that you agree too!

Vinaka 🇫🇯🌴

Batiki Island