What We Do

‘Bula’ means ‘hello’ in Fijian, and is also used to wish someone good health. That is exactly our aim: to improve the health of both our customers and of the Fijian community in Batiki Island. We hope you feel a little closer to our Fijian coconut oil after seeing exactly where, how and who has made it, and the impact your purchases are having upon the community.

Our primary aim is to establish a sustainable source of income for the rural island of Batiki in Fiji. Producing coconut oil allows the villagers to earn more than double their previous income form selling copra (dried coconut). We are 100% ethical in all stages of our product, from the second the coconut first sows its seed into the ground, to the second it reaches you.

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Visions and Values

What is our vision?

Our vision is to be able to provide a sustainable income to the villagers of Batiki Island through selling the finest quality virgin coconut oil. 100% of our profits are then to be reinvested back into Fiji in order to provide developments in education, healthcare and housing.

Ultimately, we hope that once Batiki has reached its sustainable production limit, we will be able to expand and offer the same opportunities to the remote neighbouring islands.

What are our values?

Our values are to be 100% honest and dedicated, and to ensure that everything we do is for the good of both our customers and the villagers of Batiki.

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Children’s Scholarship Scheme

Last year, Batiki opened a long-term scholarship fund for the children on the Island. One of our aims is to significantly contribute towards this scholarship fund, so that in 5-7 years time, the Island will be able to meet their target of funding the top 3 students on the Island every year to go on to University, which costs approximately $7500 FJD per year (£2500 GBP).

Education and Sport

We aim to supply education resources for Batiki Primary School, as well as the village kindergartens. We also aim to supply sports resources for both the children and adults in Batiki.

Cyclone Winston

Fiji has recently been devastated by Cyclone Winston and many houses in Batiki have been destroyed (photo). Thankfully nobody on the island was seriously injured. We hope to make a significant contribution towards the rebuilding of houses, as well as improving the housing infrastructure in order to minimise damage from future cyclones.

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